NESTON Registered Charity  No. 1147830  12345678


Group Leader: Mrs Liz Marrs

Contact Telephone : 336 3265


Meeting venue: 13 Woodlands Close, Parkgate, CH64 6RU

Date: First Monday, monthly    Time: 2.00 p.m.


Our format is very relaxed and quite simple. We are currently going through the alphabet and each member is

encouraged to make a short presentation on an appropriate topic of their choice (which includes architecture),

loosely related to that letter, with suitable photos/drawings or artefacts to illustrate the subject. We occasionally

have a visiting speaker or arrange a group visit.

We currently have a waiting list but the group leader will be happy to assist anybody willing to start a new group.

Cost: a small monthly subscription to cover the cost of refreshments

Maximum number of Members: 14

Currently: 14 at March 2016

Waiting list: Yes


Group Leader  Mr Peter Roca

Contact Telephone:  353 1777                    


Meeting venue Wayside 8 Station Road Neston

Date  Every last Tuesday monthly       Time 2.00 p.m.

First meeting   March 2010


Makeshift theatre in which members provide presentation of their recent trips around the world

Pictures of places visited by members on holiday - Either from Transparencies or digital

Maximum number of Members   12 due to the capacity of projection room

Waiting list

As of 11/07/2014 I am prepared to take names of any interested new members and  advise them

when we have  vacancies



Group Leader: Anne Cooper

Contact Telephone: 336 5864


Wednesday pm Weekly.                                                                         


Group Leader: Mrs Mary Gilbert

Contact Telephone: 336 4625  

Meeting venue: Hallwood

Date: Second Monday  Time: 10.00 a.m.

Group commenced: 2003


The group meets at Hallwood at 10.00 a.m. on the second Monday in the month. Our format is very

relaxed and quite simple. We start our meeting with coffee and biscuits until everyone has settled

and exchanged pleasantries.

At present we are working through the Alphabet (for the third time). We each choose a topic

related to some form of Art History. Each member is expected to research material appropriate to the chosen letter,

and speak for a maximum of 5 minutes with illustrations they may have brought. Members have proved to be both

innovative and inventive. Amazingly, with cryptic minds, we seem to avoid overlapping and repetitions whilst giving

amusement and enjoyment.. For example the letter C has produced discussions on Chargall, Caravaggio,

 Cubism, Clouds, Cartoons, Coventry Cathedral, Corbusier, The Coliseum, Constable and Caricatures. At present

we have 12 members (although not everyone is able to attend each meeting) and could accommodate a few more,

but meeting time is limited to 2 hours.

Maximum number of Members: 16

Currently: 12 at Feb 2014

Waiting list: No                             



Leader: Ann Taylor

Contact Phone: 327 4667


This is a lively sociable group. The emphasis is on enjoyment rather than accuracy!

The dances range from stately court dances to American Squares. Dances are called and new members are welcome.

 We meet fortnightly in UNITED REFORM CHURCH  HALL, Parkgate Road, NESTON  from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

The Barn Dancing is on from September to May and starts again in September.

Dates of meetings are; September 8th and 22nd, October 6th and 20th, November 3rd and 17th and

December 1st and 15th

Newcomers are made very welcome and the first session is free.

Members of Neston U3A are also welcome to attend Heswall Barn Dance group meetings

held on alternate Fridays at St Michael’s Church Hall in Gills Lane , Pensby.

Further information from Ann Taylor.

BRIDGE 1 & 2

Group Leader: Mrs Shirley Prior

Contact Telephone: 336 1574  


Meeting venue:

   Group 1 – 5 The Leightons, Neston

   Group 2 – 2 Swift Weint, Parkgate


  Group 1 – Every Monday  Time: 9.45 a.m.

  Group 2 – Every Wednesday   Time: 2.00 p.m.

 Group commenced: Group 1 – 2004. Group 2 – 2005.


Each group meets every week and a specific topic relating to bridge bidding is read out from prepared notes.

The class then play cards which have been set up to cover the topic in question and the group leader is on hand

to answer any queries relating to these. We stop at half-time for refreshments before resuming play – the whole

 session usually lasts about 2½ hours. It all takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Because of the nature of the game, it is not always possible to take in new members but we can accommodate

a few on an ad hoc basis as current members are often missing due to holiday and other commitments.

Cost: There is a small subscription to cover the cost of refreshments

Maximum number of Members: 10/11 for each group


  Group 1: 9 at 10th July 2014

  Group 2: 10 at 10th July 2014

  Waiting list: No


Group Leader: Mrs Doreen Higgins

Contact Telephone : 336 5108    


Meeting venue: 2 Cliffe Road,  Little Neston, Neston CH64 4AJ

Date: Every Monday (with some breaks)  Time: 10.15 a.m.

Group commenced: 2013


The group meets at the leader’s house. The game and instruction is very relaxed and enjoyable.

No previous bridge knowledge is required; however it would be useful if members are familiar with playing cards,

 especially whist. Members are provided with a bridge bidding information sheet and given advice about basic

bridge etiquette. This can be quite difficult to follow, given the enthusiasm and fun that was involved with the initial

group of players (whilst attempting to be serious at the same time).

Playing with different partners, hands are bid and played out; then the whole process may be reviewed and replayed to

understand if the bidding and play was assessed correctly.

Because of the nature of the game, it needs to have four new members joining at any one time and whilst there is a

waiting-list there is not space to accommodate another table. When some of the present members move up to

another venue with higher skill level, vacancies will become available. However, there is often an occasion when

a member is absent because of other commitments and it is an advantage to have a ‘reserve’ list of potential members.

Cost: None

Maximum number of Members: 4

Currently: 4 at July 2016


Group Leader: Joyce Seaton

 Contact Phone: 342 4414


 Meeting Venue; 28 Latchford Road, Gayton

Date: Third Wednesday monthly. Time 10.00 a.m. (amended to suit members’ wishes)

Format: The group meets at the leader’s house monthly, but at ad hoc times to suit the members. There is often a project

or a specific subject on which the members work for display at the following meeting. This could be embroidery, patchwork,

threadwork, jewellery-making, painting on silk or any other form of craftwork that takes the group’s fancy


Group Leader: Hilary Eaude

Contact Phone: 336 4082


We are a new group looking for a few more people (4-5) to join us.  Each of us enjoys a different craft and are keen to learn about other crafts. We currently have 2 knitters, 2 patchworker/quilters, 1 jewellery maker and 1 card maker.

We meet on the Third Wednesday of each month (excluding December) from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Our first meeting took place on Monday 18th July 2016. Our meeting venue is 1 Heron Court, Parkgate, Neston, CH64 6TB.

If you would like to join us or just come along to ‘sample’ us then contact Hilary Eaude for further details.


Group Leader: Mr Arthur Mason

Contact Telephone : 342 1243  


Date: Second Tuesday, monthly    Time: 2.30 p.m.

Group commenced: 2004


The group meets monthly at the home of Kay & John Davies. A topic is selected at the previous meeting and

 introduced (generally by the leader). The world is put to rights, anecdotes relevant and irrelevant are recalled

and a formal conclusion is very occasionally reached. The meeting concludes with refreshments provided by

the hostess after about 1½ hours and we revert to normal social conversation.

Previous topics have been:

Should the government attempt to regulate our diet?

Should human genetic manipulation be permitted?

Scottish Independence

The internet – boon or bane?

Gay marriage

House of Lords

Cost: £0.25p for refreshments

Maximum number of Members:  12

Currently: 10

Waiting list:: No


Group leader   Mrs Sheila Greenhalgh

Contact telephone  0151 327 3254

Meeting Venue   United Reform Church, Parkgate Road, Neston

Date:  Third Thursday  at 2.00 p.m.


We are a  recently formed group and open to any suggestions for activities.

We have play readings,both drama and comedy, one act plays and maybe performances in the future. We also hope to visit

theatre workshops and live theatre in the future.

We are a very friendly group and new members will be made very welcome.

There is a small cost of £2 per meeting for the hall plus refreshments

We currently have 13 members.


Group Leader  Mr Alan Bradshaw

Contact Telephone :342 3587                   

Meeting Venue :Gayton CH60 3RT

Date Every Second Monday  Time  2.00 - 4.00 p.m.


Whilst listening to selections from my wide ranging collections of LPs and CDs. I hope to encourage members to

explore music outside of their normal listening patterns.

We jointly choose subjects such as “ The Concubo “ American music and music inspired by Poetry for example,

which I hope will stimulate members interest forward to a wider range of music.Flexible Classic /Jazz music /folk music

We are also aware of the local live music scene and of broadcasts and scheduled TV events

We are a very sociable group and have many a laugh!

There are always 2/3 places available ,anyone is very welcome to join for one or more meetings. Please ring

Alan beforehand to check availability.   

Cost £ 0,20p for refreshments  

Maximum number of Members:  10/12  


Group Leader Mrs Pat Rosser

Contact Telephone : 342 2589                   


Meeting Venue: Heswall

Date:  Every last Tuesday      Time 10.00 a.m.  


Each member does their own search on line or at record centres. They use their own computers or library facilities.

They present these results at the meeting

and I use my website to advance their search if required. I also advise them of any new developments

(I subscribe to Family History Magazine).  Advice on how to further advance their search in preparation  for the

next meeting is given

Cost: Printing and refreshments

Maximum number of Members:   6 full at July 2014.


Group Leader:  Michael Bell

Contact Telephone : 336 3734   


Meeting venue: Hallwood

Date: Every Tuesday     Time: 2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Group commenced: Sept. 2012


The group meets every week at Hallwood at 2.00 p.m. on Tuesdays. The conversation is led by Anne Clapham,

a retired teacher who gives her time voluntarily.

Each member speaks informally in French on their chosen subject (often their personal experiences during the course

of the previous week). Anne joins in and corrects or suggests alternative grammar or phrase.

Very relaxed and good fun.

Because of time constraints the membership is limited to 12 and there are no current vacancies, but the leader will be

happy to assist in setting up a new group

if there is sufficient interest.

Cost: An annual donation of £5 to Hallwood

Maximum number of Members: 12

Currently: 12 at July 2014

Waiting list: Yes (2)

GARDENING 1   Plants and Gardens

Group Leader Mr David Rosser

Contact Telephone:  342 2589                              


Meeting venue   group members’ homes

Date  Every Third Thursday   Time 10.00 a.m.


After the retirement of the original leader (Dave Rosser) No other group leader wished to take on this role.

So it was agreed that group members should take turns in hosting the meeting and arranging the meeting content,

Alternatively arranging a visit to a private garden

Topics this year have included Dahlias, alpines in the garden, container gardening, (video) Also visits to gardens

 in Oxton and Ness

Gardening hints and tips, sharing knowledge, help and advice ie how to put Autumn colour into your garden,

Videos slides etc occasional visits to gardens of interest. Anyone wishing to join this group or would like to come

along you would be made most welcome.

Cost None other than when visiting other gardens

Maximum number of Members: 15

14 members at July 2014


Group Leader    Mrs Pat Mann

Contact Telephone : 342 2101                 


Meeting venue   Varies every month

Date: Try to keep to Third Tuesday   Time 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.


The group meet once a month. We do not have an actual leader. A different person is responsible each month.

At the beginning of the year we sort out a programme and members volunteer to arrange a venue /theme

for one month in the year


This only applies when we visit somewhere, and then each person pays on the day. If visiting a member’s home

we charge 25p for tea/coffee and biscuits.

We also stick to the rules regarding petrol ,if the visit is away from the area.

Maximum number of Members:  no set rules we usually have about 17  

Waiting list

None. We always welcome new members as not all people can attend. We then have a good number to

attend the meeting.


Group Leader: Mrs Annabel Dickson

Contact Telephone: 327 5424   


Meeting venue: Members’ Homes

Date: Second and Third Thursdays    Time: 10.00 a.m.

Group commenced: 2009


We are a friendly group; we chat, drink coffee, have fun and do not take ourselves too seriously.

We translate and discuss German articles on subjects such as Computer Addiction, Hunter Gatherers,

The Antarctic, Recycling, Frisbees and

“Will proper books be replaced by e-books?”

We could do with a few more members as some go away on holiday quite often. Some knowledge of

German is required.

Cost: nil

Maximum number of Members:  10 - 12

Currently:  8

Waiting list: No


Group Leader: Mike Maden

Contact Telephone: 336 8586


Meeting Venue: Usually Sandfield  Golf Course, Mickle Trafford

Date: Usually Third Thursday , but selected,  Time: 9.30 a.m.

Group Commenced: 2015


The group is a mixed company of members meeting during the better months of the year to play 9 holes,

so far only at Sandfield course near Mickle Trafford. It is a very pleasant well-maintained course,

suitable for the casual golfer out purely for the pleasure of strolling round in the countryside and

knocking a small spherical object around as they go.

Maximum number of Members: No limit

Cost: 9 holes at Sandfield costs a mere £6 for seniors.


Group Leader: To Be Confirmed

The group meets on the third Wednesday in the month at Hallwood 2.00 p.m - 4.00 p.m.. There are are 7 people in the

group at present.The group is working its way through the countries and are at present at the end of the 18th century.

Each member has a chosen topic to talk about at the previous meeting. Most people find

their information from the computer, and books are a good source as they usually include pictures which bring

the subject to life. Each piece is no more than 5 minutes unless you wish

to talk longer. We have a brief discussion on the piece, the topic or personality chosen. It is not too

academic and usually light hearted. It is always interesting.


Group Leader: Ian Trotman

Contact: 336 5958



Group Leader:Mary Williams

Contact Telephone: 0151 336 7141

In our group we make necklaces and bracelets; we have dabbled in making beads using Polymer Clay. We also

repair jewellery so if you have a special piece and the clasp has broken or the thread has been snapped we may

manage to repair it. I am not a professional in this field but enjoy creating pieces and helping others. A small charge

may be necessary for findings or beads that I have bought.Old beads can be re-designed into other pieces and we

have samples that we may have made.We have spaces and the group meets once a month, usually the last Wednesday.

 I really enjoy the group and its great to be able to do this with the U3A. If this has interested you give me a call.


Group Leader: Mrs Pam Garner

Contact Telephone: 336 2746


Meeting Venue: Members’ homes

Date: Usually Third Tuesday   Time: 10.30 a.m.

Group Commenced: 2004/5


The Group belongs to the Cheshire Libraries Reading Group Service and pay a subscription of £80 per year. We receive a box of 12 books each month for us to read and discuss. Some of the books are not to everyone’s liking, but then it encourages us to read a wide variety of novels that always results in a lively and interesting discussion.

This year, as in 2014, we rented accommodation near Hay-on-Wye and visited the Hay Literature Festival. These short holidays were a great success and we were able to hear many excellent talks by famous (and not so famous) authors.

Cost: £6 or £7 per year (excluding the holiday!)

Maximum number of Members: 13

Currently: 13

Waiting List: Yes


Group Leader: Brenda Blythe

Contact Telephone: 336 1727


Meeting Venue: Varies

Date: Day varies, Second or Third week   Time: 12.00 – 12.30 p.m.

Group Commenced: 2015


The group meets for lunch once a month at local pubs and restaurants and a merry time is had by all!

Maximum number of Members: Limited only by the accommodation.

Cost: Depends on the venue, but modestly priced establishments are chosen.


Group Leader  Mr Peter Roca

Contact Telephone:  353 1777                    


Meeting venue Wayside 8 Station Road Neston

Since my last report, which appeared in News­letter 16, our regular monthly meetings were badly hampered

last summer by the fact that it was very difficult to predict a dry  third Wednesday afternoon, as we like to meet and

then go out as a group to take photographs of some local subject.

However, in September we were lucky and we visited Burton mainly to wander round  the grounds and gardens

of Burton Manor.

Whilst the Friends of Burton Manor seem to be doing a wonderful job with the gardens, we can only hope

 some organiza­tions will  come along soon to make use of the Man­or before this iconic building falls into a state of decay.

At the November meet­ing Liz Young and other members illustrated the benefit of using "Picassa" for processing

digital photographs.

Peter Roca


Group Leader: Mrs Jean Chadwick

Contact Telephone : 336 3459   


Meeting venue: Members’ Houses

Date: 1st Thursday, monthly    Time: 10.00 a.m. - noon

Group commenced: December 2004


From members’ themes a programme is prepared circa Nov. for the following year. Each member brings

along 2 or 3 relevant items of poetry or prose and recites their offering to the meeting. We are a light-hearted

bunch of folk who enjoy literature but we don’t study or analyse the pieces in any depth; it is purely for our enjoyment.

 One of our members (Jill Carlson) writes super poetry, one of which you may have seen on the website.

Topics for this year (2014) have included Silence, Grandparents, Far-flung Destinations, Comic Verse and

the poetry of Dorothy Wordsworth and Michael Rosen.

 Still to come are Looking Back, Favourite Poems, Seasonal Offerings and All Wrapped Up.

One of our plans for the New Year is to to introduce play reading and this development is currently being pursued.

Cost: £0.25p for refreshments

Maximum number of Members: 10

Currently: 9

Waiting list:  None


Group Leader: Mrs Nita Greenleaves

Contact Telephone : 336 6466    


Meeting venue: Hallwood

Date: First Wednesday, monthly    Time: 2.00 p.m.

Group commenced:


The group chooses a subject for each meeting and members bring along relevant poems to read and discuss.

Cost: Annual donation to Hallwood

Waiting list:: No


Group Leader: Mrs Jill Gibson

Contact Telephone : 378 5240    


Meeting venue: 33 Breezehill Road, Neston

Date: Second Thursday monthly    Time: 10.00 a.m. Group commenced: February 2014


Our newly-formed group is a small but lively gathering that enjoys reading and discussing poetry and

prose in a relaxed,informal and enjoyable atmosphere.

Each member contributes one or more items of their own choice on a given topic, for reading

and discussion (often including some comment on the life of the writer).

We intend to progress onto occasional play readings. Before leaving at the end of the meeting the

members decide a subject for the following meeting.

We have vacancies for new members and will welcome anyone wanting to take part.

Cost: £ 0.25p for refreshments.

Maximum number of Members: 10

Currently: 6

Waiting list:  No


Group Leader: Viv Waring

Contact Telephone: 336 6477


Meeting Venue: Members’ houses   

Date: Third Tuesday at 2.00 p.m.

Format: Members discuss titles recently read, make recommendations for

reading and swap books. There is no pressure to read a particular publication  for the next meeting

– the emphasis is on pleasure.

Cost: £ 0.25p per meeting for refreshment

Maximum Number: 12

Current membership: 8


Group Leader  Mrs Elaine Pigg

Contact Telephone:  336 7339                  

Meeting venue   2 Hunters Way, Parkgate.

Date: Fortnightly Fridays  Time 2.00 p.m. - 4.30.p.m.

Format    Rummikub is a game for 2 to 4 players

It consists of 106 numbered tiles 1-13 twice in 4 colours, plus two wild cards.

Each player selects 14 tiles arranging them either in a group, a set of 3 or 4 tiles,

same number in different colours.

A player enters the game by making a set which total 30 or more and placing them

 from their rack on to the table.

After your entry into the game you can add and manipulate onto other sets on the table.

 The first player to get rid of all  their tiles and shouts

Rummikub is the winner.

Easy going, easy to learn, very friendly group with a mix of people.

Very addictive, some would say much better than scrabble.  

Why not give me a ring to arrange a taster session

5 Current members at July 14. We would welcome another 3


Maximum number: 8  


Group Leader   Dave Rosser

Contact Telephone number  342 2589



Meeting venue The Sycamores The Mount Heswall

Date First Thursday    Time 10.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.


The group comprises both members with a science/technology background and also those without any specific

knowledge on the subject

The usual format is that the scientist/ technologist presents a subject for discussion (usually a slide show)

Recent topics have included

Dark Matter, recycling of domestic waste, D.N.A., Glass technology, local geology, rare earths, fracking, coal technology,

energy and life.

Maximum number of members 14


Group Leader Mrs Lyn Jack

Contact Telephone:  336 3321                   

E-Mail :

Meeting venue Members homes

Date  Every First and Third Wednesday  Time 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.


Members meet at house volunteered by a member. Shared

Boards and dictionary provided by me. Most members have a board.

Cost Tea and biscuits £ 0.25p

Maximum number of Members   8


Group Leader  Mrs Pamela Wren

Contact Telephone number 336 1095                   


Meeting Venue 3 Leighton Park, Neston

Date  Every First and Third Wednesday  Time  2.00 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.


Play scrabble, a game using skill with words to enable a player to make the highest score possible.

We are a mixed group

some more competitive than others, but we all enjoy the game. If only 5 members turn up we play

super scrabble which takes longer but it is twice the size of the ordinary board we use and gives

higher scores and we play with 200 tiles.

Maximum number of Members 12

Currently 8 Nov 2013


Group Leader  Mrs Pat Dix

Contact Telephone:  342 4330  


Meeting venue:

Date   Second Tuesday  Time  1.30 p.m. To 3.30/4.00 p.m.


Our Scrabble meeting is to provide for members an enjoyable afternoon playing scrabble, interaction

 and light-hearted banter.

We all have good games and bad games but we emphasize that it is the taking part that is important

not the winning or losing.

We generally play two games after the  first we have tea/coffee biscuits/sweets. Our meetings generally

last for 2 to 2½hours.

Cost: Nil

Maximum number of Members   9


Group Leader:  Ken Sumner

Contact Telephone : 336 7835    


Meeting venue: URC Hall, Parkgate Road, Neston

Date: Fridays, Fortnightly     Time:  2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Group commenced: May 2012


This is a friendly group of mixed ability that meets fortnightly to have fun but looking to improve. We sing mostly

familiar songs from a range of genres from folk to musicals and from gospel to traditional (and others). We are ably

led by our conductor Celia Grummett and our accompanist Kath Powell , both of whom are talented musicians. Now we are

sufficiently confident to start performing publicly, both for the Neston U3A and for an outside concert at the

Welsh Methodist Church, Ledsham.

New members are always welcome, both ladies and gentlemen. U3A members are  invited

to come along and give it a try. We do NOT have auditions! No previous musical knowledge

required as long as you can sing in tune!

Subscription is £10 per term - payable in January, April & September, plus £1 per rehearsal

And £ 0.20p tea/coffee (optional).

Currently 34 members (at January 2016). Maximum membership - unlimited

Waiting list: None


Group Leader  Mrs Susan Fletcher

Contact: 336 2594                


Meeting venue Little Neston Methodist Church Hall

Date  Every Second and Fourth Thursday  Time 10.00 a.m. till noon


The Winter sessions commence on the Fourth Thursday  in September until Fourth Thursday in April.

Members are required to wear sensible shoes (lace ups)

We have 2 excellent tables purchased from a grant from N.H.S via Epnavco.

We have members of mixed ability and all games are doubles played to the old rules of 21

up and 5 serves each.

There are no competitions and playing partners are chosen at random.

Tea/ coffee break with biscuits is included at half time.


Approx £16 per year for 14 meetings dependent on numbers

Payable in advance

Maximum number of Members 24   


Group Leader: To Be Confirmed

Contact Telephone :          


Meeting venue: ad hoc

Date: as arranged       Time: as arranged


There are no permanent group members and different trips attract different members, but they are all open to the

 full membership.

Trips are arranged at irregular intervals to various theatres, taking advantage of the discounts available for block bookings.

All types of production are included, from pantomime to drama.

Members normally make their own way to the theatre because of the difficulty in arranging economic coach transport for

relatively short trips and the problem of having multiple pick-up points. But sharing cars is recommended.

Cost: Varies

Maximum number of Members: N/A

Waiting list:: N/A


Group Leader: Doreen Higgins

Contact Telephone : 336 5108  Mobile:


Meeting venue: varies

Date: as arranged       Time: as arranged

Date Group Commenced: 2014


Trips to various places of interest are arranged, approximately at monthly intervals, open to all the membership.

 There are no permanent members of this interest group and members are expected to check on the advertisements

 appearing at the monthly U3A meetings and on the Neston U3A website.

Transport by coach is normally arranged as part of the total cost of the trip and lunch is often included.Recent outings

have included Media City at Salford Keys,

the Maritime Museum at Albert Dock, the newly refurbished Liverpool Library, the National Arboretum and

Litchfield Cathedral, whilst Jodrell Bank is the trip arranged for September 2014.

Cost: varies

Maximum number of Members: N/A

Waiting list: N/A


Group Leader  Mrs Ann Taylor

Contact Telephone: 327 4667                 


Throughout the Summer there are 3 walks each month. There is a morning walk on the first Tuesday of the month,

a whole day walk on the Second Wednesday of the month and an afternoon short walk for strollers on the Second Monday of the month.

The Tuesday walks are 4-5 miles in length and are usually no more than ½ hours drive away. Footpaths are used and they may be

 muddy, boots are advisable. The full day walks go further afield and are often hilly. The strollers walks are 2-3 miles and are on good

 surfaces, at a gentle pace.

The last all-day walk is in October and will start again in March.

The strollers walks are not held in January and  February.

The Tuesday walks continue throughout the year.

Dates and Meeting places are posted in “Notices” as soon as available.


Group Leader:  Mr Don Easton

Contact Telephone number 336 6242                  


Meeting venue  United Reform Church Hall, Parkgate Road

Date  Every First Thursday  Time 2.00 p.m.


The Group aims to explore and enhance our enjoyment of wine through our understanding of all aspects

from the origins of wine, right through to the myriad varieties available to us today.

Three times we have travelled the world of wine through a series of informal mini lectures (and tasting of course)

over the years. We are now changing the format to one in which each member can choose to lead a session on a topic

of their choice.

The object of the group is in the widest sense to discover and explore the world of wine together.

Our meetings are structured to some extent, but the emphasis is on informality, enjoyment and relaxed fellowship.

New members will be extremely welcome and for further information please contact Don Easton on 336 6242.

Cost currently £4 per session  

Maximum numbers:  No maximum